Connecting public sector challenges and teams with innovative ideas or solutions



The GovTech Lab Lithuania is a team in public sector focused on encouraging the creation and use of innovative solutions for the government. The GovTech  Lab helps the public sector identify challenges that can be solved by emerging technologies, engages startups and SMEs to create innovative solutions and accelerates startups in #GovTech and #TechForGood space.


GovTech Lab has started as "Create Lithuania" and Ministry of Economy and Innovation initiative in 2019, and is now a part of Agency of Science, Innovation and technology. Since then, GovTech Lab has won the Innovation in Politics award in 2019 and was awarded in 2020 by Project Management Institute (Lithuanian Chapter) as the best public sector project.

GovTech Lab matches GovTech challenges and ideas

Our main goal is to connect public sector institutions that have challenges and teams with innovative ideas and capabilitirs in enterpreneur community, acedemia, NGO or ther sector. We help public sector define challenges and find ideas or solutions in the market. To achieve this, we have developed two key processes - GovTech Challenge Series and GovTech Innovation Hunt. GovTech Challenge Series is a processes aimed at developing or finalising a specific solution while GovTech Innovation Hunt works as a process to collect a pool of ideas how innovative elements could be included in public sector projects.

GovTech Lab accelerates 
GovTech teams

We help startups and SMEs, working on GovTech solutions to validate their ideas, create MVPs. build and expand their businesses. We are building GovTech Accelerator that will help teams working with public sector institutions during the GovTech Challenge Series. The accelerator will provide free expert consultations on business development, public procurement, product development, marketing and other topics. It  will assist startups with finding relevant clients in the public sector both in Lithuania and abroad.

GovTech Lab is building GovTech Community

Strong GovTech community is our blod and soul! Therefore GovTech Lab works on spreading the knowledge about GovTech and building networks of innovators both within and outside the public sector. We organize community events for both public and private sectors from local meetups, training sessions to public sector officials to international GovTech Baltic Leaders conference. Held annually in Vilnius, the GovTech Baltic Leaders conference brings together the best and brightest minds in GovTech in the region, to share knowledge, discover new opportunities and celebrate the innovation that works for everyone and is created by everyone.


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01 // Description
1. Identifying public sector challenges
2. Open call for ideas
3. Pitch Day and selection of the best ideas and teams
4. Accelerating the best ideas
5. Demo day
6. Implementation or procurement

The Challenge Series works as an innovation on the typical procurement process, to deal with the rapid pace of technological progress in the modern era. The goal of GovTech Challenge Series is to create a solution for a specific challenge. The series begins with a call for challenges: an open call for all public sector institutions in Lithuania to submit a problem that they have, which can be solved with new technology. The challenges are then selected based on their quality, relevance and commitment of the public institution that submitted it. The chosen public sector institutions then become the owners of their challenge, overseeing the success of solutions throughout the remainder of the series. Challenges are later made public, through a series of events and marketing campaigns in order to generate as wide a reach as possible. Once this is complete, a call for ideas is issued – an open call in which the GovTech Lab defines a period of time in which companies or people may submit the ideas on how to solve the challenges. The GovTech Lab oversees this process, ensuring that adequate information is provided and any consultation needed is given. The ideas are presented at the Pitch Day, where all stakeholders gather in order to hear pitches proposed for each challenge. The best pitches are then selected after consultation with a panel of judges – experts that understand what will have the biggest impact. The selected teams proceed to the next phase of the Challenge Series – Accelerator process in which their ideas become prototypes and later products. The GovTech Lab oversees this and ensures that adequate support is provided to the teams. 

02 // Framework

The Challenge Series has a few different models of working - both within and outside the public procurement framework. Working within public procurement framework, the Challenge Series is organized as Design Contest followed by negotiation process. If Challenge Series is organized outside the public procurement framework, the process is defined as either market consultation or public consultation. 

Any public sector institution can submit a challenge, while any individual, company, academic institution can submit the ideas. 

The average length of GovTech Challenge Series process is around 6 months. 



01 // Description

The GovTech Innovation Hunt was created to help public sector institutions carry out market research before starting a specific project or defining the specifications for a procurement. The goal of GovTech Innovation Hunt is develop a pool of innovative ideas that could be used in further development of the process. Public sector institutions formulates a "Task" for the market while market participants can engage with public sector institutions in the Q&A session. Market participants submit their ideas and are later invited to present them in front of public sector officials. This allows public sector institutions to do a market check without exhausting its resources and private sector to put their solutions out in the market for more exposure. 

Public sector defines a TASK for the market
Call for innovative  ideas that could be used for a project
02 // Framework

The Innovation hunt is organized as a market research. Any public sector institution can submit a challenge, while any individual, company, academic institution can submit an ideas. 

The average lenght of Innovation Hunt process is around one month. 

Best ideas are present for the institutions. Institution further redefines its project