What innovative technological solutions could be used to create a governmental one-stop-shop for businesses and academia?


Lithuanian public sector institutions (MITA, LIC, Invega, LVPA, Invest Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania) offer a wide range of support for businesses and R&D activities. Using these programs, businesses, academia and foreign investors create a competitive business environment, while bringing modern technologies, innovative business methods and new opportunities for local and foreign entrepreneurs. 

Nevertheless,  institutions face difficulties in ensuring effective communication between the institution and those seeking support. These institutions on a daily basis receive numerous inquiries, many of them do not correspond to the field of activity of the institution or require the competencies of several institutions. For this reason, business and R&D support institutions are looking for an innovative solution that would speed up the communication process, save costs and increase overall customer satisfaction. 


An innovative technological solution or part of a solution that would: 

  • Establish a one-stop shop and a call cetre for business and academia seeking support or advice; 

  • Merge the communication tools of different business and R&D support institutions; 

  • Target the required expert / department (not the institution in general) according to the specifics of the inquiry; 

  • Be able to provide automated answers to basic and frequently asked questions. 


Official Call

You can find an official descirption from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation here (in Lithuanian)



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Deadline to submit your ideas or solutions - May 15th