How to improve access to public services for people with hearing difficulties?


  • There are about 4 500 people in Lithuania with hearing impairments;​

  • To contact someone, and especially to access public services over the phone, these people must book a sign language translator and wait;​

  • The deaf are no longer stigmatized, but they lack convenient tools.


Ministry of Social Security and Labour​ seeks to make it easier for people with hearing difficulties to access public services by automating translation ordering or translation services themselves.


  • Phase I: Development of a mobile application, solving the “communication triangle” (the requirement to manually order translation services in advance);​

  • Phase II: Application of artificial intelligence tool for real-time translation from / into sign language.

Why should

you participate?

Ministry of Social Security and Labour​ will provide you with:

  • Close contacts with the target group of potential users;​

  • Contacts with telecommunication providers in Lithuania;​

  • Administrative resources (legal frameworks, process development);​

  • Funding for product development (in case of success);​

  • Access to foreign best practices and know-how.

Additional information

You can find more detailed challenge description here (EN & LT):


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Task owners

Ministry of Social Security and Labour​

Challenge video

You can find video of the challenge presentation (in Lithuanian) below:

Q&A sessions will be held on August 3-7.

Deadline to submit your ideas or solutions - August 23.