How to detect and monitor hate speech on the internet?


  • Currently, hate speech and hate crime in the public internet space is monitored through a keyword-based monitoring system. 

  • The number of cases provided by the keyword-based monitoring system is unreasonably high;​

  • The system is inefficient as a lot of the time is spent on reviewing the cases, even though most of them are “empty“, i.e. no actual hate speech is detected; ​In other words, this requires an unsustainable amount of human resources that the organisation cannot allocate. 

  • At the same time, a high number of hate speech cases go unnoticed, offenders are undetected, and a sense of impunity prevails, which in turn leads to an increase in such speech in public space.


Ministry of Social Security and Labour​ & The Office of Inspector of Journalist Ethics ​are looking for an innovative tech solution that can identify and monitor hate speech on the internet as accurately as possible. 


Key functions:

  • The solution would be able to semantically identify hate speech based on given keywords;​

  • Simple and user-friendly user environment;​

  • Each comment must be related to the primary source of information;​

  • Possibility to process and manage data provided by the system, e.g. statistics;​

  • Possibility for continuous system improvements (developing system versions).

Why should

you participate?

  • We are ready to provide all available information related to the development of the solution - keywords, examples of hate speech;

  • In our monitoring process, we have an opportunity to propose the introduction of such monitoring system to the media;​

  • The organization would purchase the services of a properly functioning monitoring tool.

Additional information

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Task owners

Ministry of Social Security and Labour​ & The Office of Inspector of Journalist Ethics​

Challenge video

You can find video of the challenge presentation (in Lithuanian) below: