How to verify facial images quickly and reliably?


  • The Migration Department performs around 30-40 thousand identifications every month;​ 

  • The identification takes from 1 to 5 minutes, but sometimes can take up to a few hours.​ Only 1-2 cases of identity fraud are identified every year;

  • The comparison between the image of an individual on premises and their ID document photo is done by employees' visual perception. This poses a risk of: 

    • issuing the document to the wrong person; ​

    • making a mistake in identifying an individual;​

    • creating a new identity; ​​

    • stolen identity; ​

    • threat to public safety and national security; ​

    • threat to the administration of justice;​

    • longer migration procedures. 


The Migration Department is looking for faster and more reliable identity verification tools to match the face of an individual on premises and their digital image stored in the identification documents.


Key functions:

  • Verification of facial images – identifying the percentage of certainty that 2 images are identical;

  • Sources of facial images: a living person; a digital photograph on the contactless medium of the passport; paper photo; digital photo from a database.

Why should

you participate?

  • If required, Migration Department can provide material for prototype testing; ​​

  • If Migration Department likes the solution, they are prepared to procure the solution to such challenge; ​

  • If Migration Department really likes it, they will not only buy but also spread the word of the solution.

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